The scientist’s working environment: The Bench and The Desk.

Ok, so for my first real post I thought I would take you through my domain–the LAB.  It’s here that I perform my experiments, analyze my data and stare at my computer a lot.  I remember the first time my family came up to visit me and I showed them the lab I was rotating in my first semester in grad school.  Now, you must remember I come from a small town where most people probably imagine me in the white lab coat and the pristine laboratory seen on tv that is brightly lit and thoroughly sterilized.  Heck, that’s what I thought until I started doing research in college.

My dad commented “This is it?  I thought it would be cleaner.”  Well that was a let down…I thought it was pretty clean.

In comparison to some of my other colleagues (you know who you are), I like to keep my bench fairly clean and organized; this is very much in contrast to the rest of my life.  So, without further ado,

The Bench

Where I perform e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t-s

2015-03-01 19.16.58

IMG_20150301_130214         20150301_123157


In my opinion this is a typical bench.  You have the gloves, pipettes, pipette tips (those purple/off white boxes), random post-its with buffer recipes, timer, and then many labeled bottles and tubes containing anything from MilliQ (science-y name for ultrapure water) to hydrochloric acid.  But mostly it’s nothing too dangerous.

Lucky me, when you turn around from my bench you have… a pretty standard desk–computer, papers, books, and more post-its.

The Desk

Where I ‘analyze’ data and ‘read’ current literature

20150301_124257      20150301_124250

 20150301_124418      20150301_124441

By the way, there are a few things in these pictures that may or may not be in accordance with EH&S rules.  I’ll let you find the things that don’t belong.  Also, I just realized that TBST recipe is totally incomplete.

Ok, so there you have it, a real lab.  Go science!



First step into the blogging world.

If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.
-Benjamin Franklin